Pendulum Dairy Exit Gates


Pendulum┬« gates were introduced to New Zealand dairy farmers in 1983 by Leask Engineering.  The Pendulum exit gate, manufactured for herringbone dairy parlours, offers a unique design and effective control over cow flow during milking. The gates, which pivot on sealed ball bearings, are robustly constructed and can be opened or closed from anywhere along the pit. On opening, the gate swings away from the operator to an overhead position on the breast rail side of the shed, allowing a clear exit for the cows. Milked and un-milked cows are easily separated, thus providing rapid exit and entry to the dairy shed (follow through flow). Individual cows can be stopped even when they are exiting in close formation. Selected cows can be drafted from the herd to be attended to after milking.

Modular Backing Gates


Leask modular backing gates, which are operated from the dairy pit, are designed to move cows from a circular yard onto the milking platform in an orderly and stress free manner. Double gates have a ?rising/return to centre hinge? which enables the use of reversible drives. The gates can fold tight together without becoming hinge bound and two herds can be managed in immediate succession.

Traditional Backing Gates


For smaller yards and tighter budgets, Leask Engineering also manufacture a ?made to measure? range of traditional galvanised pipe backing gates. When fitted with floppy hinges these gates can fold tight together without becoming hinge bound. They can be water or electric driven with various add on washing options available.

Manual or Automatic Drafting Gates


As cows exit after milking, their destination can be determined by the use of drafting gates. Smooth cow flow through the gates is ensured by good gate design, where the angle the cow has to turn is minimised. Individual or numerous cows can be drafted from the main herd to holding pens for further attention. The gates are designed to stop cows forcing the gate and potentially getting jammed. Several manually (from the pit) operated gate designs are available using mechanical levers or pneumatics, or alternatively, a fully automated drafting system can also be installed.

Herringbone Entry Gates


Easy cow control - a must have if you are using 'in parlour feeding'! The Platform Entry Gate provides a secure backstop for the last cow on the milking platform. The gates are easy to install and can be operated from the pit or on the platform. They are hot dip galvanised and use plastic rollers for quiet and low maintenance operation. They are counter weighted to rise to the open position when released, with up to 1800mm clearance.

Yard Gates & Hardware


Leask Engineering manufactures a comprehensive range of made to order galvanised pipe or hot dip galvanised gates.Various hinge options are available and solid or pneumatic wheels are often used to support longer gates. Manual or automated drafting gates can be installed to mechanically or automatically control gate movement.

Cam Action Headlock Gate (Headbails)


The Cam Action is an ideal headlock system for controlling stock during drenching and other animal management or veterinary work and is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any yard.

Blackdown Headlock Gate (Headbails)


The Blackdown is another ideal headlock system for controlling stock during drenching and other animal management or veterinary work. The spring loaded locking mechanism is either triggered manually or automatically when the animal contacts the breast plate.